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Questions to ask when calling around for loan quotes.


                                         Lenders/Loan Comparison Chart

                                                                                A   /       B     /      C             

1.)   What is the current rate for the loan I need?

                   a) 30 year
                   b) 15 year

         Does that include discount point? 

2.)   Do you have any special programs for  my situation?

3.)   What are your total closing costs?  Do they  include the
         credit  report and appraisal?

 4.)   Do you have an application fee?

 5.)   What other costs would I have at closing?

 6.)   What would my total cash to close be?

 7.)   What is the smallest down payment I could do?

 8.)   Can you fax me a good faith estimate?

 9.)   What makes you better that other lenders?

 10.) Do you attend the closing?

 11.)  How long after the application can I have  a pre-approval? 

12.)   How long does the whole loan process take?

13.)   Can you shop for the best rates for me?

 14.)  Can you give me client referrals if I want them?

LoanApplication Lender Questions

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