Renting Your Home?

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It doesn’t take much to turn an ordinary homeowner into a landlord. Especially in today’s economy and many sellers being upside down in their existing homes.

However, some sellers may have to move but want to keep their home and rent it out. They get transferred with their new job and yet they love the property they own and want to rent it out. Or they may win the lottery, they find a new spouse and they get married, receive an inheritance or buy a new house before they unload the old one. All these are scenarios that can happen to today’s sellers.

While many people would love to have an extra house to worry about, owning even one rental property can be a headache. There are many things that you need to now consider:Is it worth hanging onto this property? Is becoming a landlord something you have time for?

How will you feel about total strangers moving into your well cared for home?
• Can you, someone who is busy with your career, children, family, make a dollar on a real-estate rental while avoiding the Tenants who may become a huge burden on your daily life?

The answer to these questions depends partly on the location and property itself. Ideally, it’s in good condition, in a safe neighborhood or community and the mortgage is affordable or completely paid off. The more your home departs from this ideal situation, the more closely you should look at selling if at all possible. Here is why: whatever the ideal for holding and renting out your second house – and there are many – it won’t work if you don’t treat it like a real business. Or you up to it? Is this something you really, really, really want to do? Let us share with you on the next page questions you may want to ask your potential tenant and things you should consider doing while interviewing your tenants.

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