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Moving Tips & How to Interview a Moving Company for your Move

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Start early.  You may want to interview companies even while your home is listed  and before you receive an offer so that you can be well prepared and know which company you would really like to work with.  Select a moving company at least five to eight weeks before you move.

Ask Questions. Prices will vary if you are moving locally, intrastate (within a single state), or interstate (from one state to another). The type of move you are planning is important; it will determine what regulations, licenses, and pricing structures under which the van line must operate. Some companies charge by weight, miles, content, etc.

Ask for References. Ask your Realtor, your friends, your employer and co-workers for recommendations, and check with the Better Business Bureau about the company’s standing. Make sure they carry adequate insurance. 

Ask About Special Items.  If one or more of your items requires special handling, like a piano, make sure that the mover has the experience and equipment to do the job. Find out what they will not move, generally high value items like coin collections, jewelry, antiques that are unique. Movers also will not move dangerous items such as corrosives, explosives and other flammables.

Get several written estimates. The only way to get an accurate estimate is for the mover to come to your home and see everything you want moved. Be sure to ask if there is a charge for an estimate. Remember, unless you get a binding estimate, the final cost may be higher than the original quoted price. Never rely on anything that was said verbally – get it all in writing.

Compare Estimates from Several Companies. When comparing estimates, remember the cheapest company won’t necessarily do the best job. Are the services and the mover’s experience equivalent? Are all the estimates binding and for how long? To keep down the cost, dispose of items you don’t need to move before you get an estimate.  If you’ve been wanting a new refrigerator, washer and dryer, now may be the time to sell. Be sure you understand the moving contract.  Write “subject to further inspection for concealed loss or damage” on the contract when you sign it to protect yourself in case you find damage while unpacking.  

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